MILAN - December 21, 2017

A 160 years of tradition and heritage of legendary hat making is not coming to a haul says the employees.  Famous Italian company who’s classic fedoras and panamas have been worn by the likes of Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, John Belushi in The Blues Brothers and Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, has been declared bankrupt by Italian court on Monday (December 18).  But Haeres Equita, which manages the brand’s activities since 2015, clarified that the bankruptcy is based on technical and legal reasons and do not concern the business managed by Haeres Equita since the end of 2015.  The court’s decision does therefore not mean the end of the manufacture processes in Alessandria in the northern region of Piedmont, which currently employs 130 people and produces 150,000 hats a year.

This VNR contains

– News Edit
– Interviews with Borsalino staff
– B-roll of boutique in Milan and Alessandria factory
– Commercial for fall-winter collection 2017-2018

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