HONG KONG - September 28, 2017

The 163-carat D flawless diamond, largest to be put up for an auction to this date has been unveiled in Hong Kong on Thursday September 28. The diamond was cut from the 404-carat stone, named the “4 de Fevereiro” discovered in early February 2016 in Angola’s Lulo mine. The “4 de Fevereiro” rough is the 27th biggest rough white diamond ever discovered and the largest in Angola. The rough was analysed in Antwerp and cut in New York, where a team of 10 diamond-cutting specialists were involved in mapping, plotting, cleaving, cutting and polishing the rough 404.20 carat into a unique 163.41 carat emerald-cut stone. The first cut was done on 29th of June 2016, when the 80 year old master diamond cleaver performed a cut along a grain line to cleave the crystal in two. After 11 months of work the polished 163.41-carat stone was ready to be send to the GIA in late December 2016. To date this is the largest D flawless diamond ever to appear for sale at auction. This emerald-cut stone was than designed into a one-of-a-kind piece, by jewellery house de Grisogono , an elegantly fluid diamond baguette necklace from which the stone is suspended—and from which it can be detached. The finished piece will be presented in a series of public viewings in London, Dubai and New York before it goes up for an auction at Christie’s in Geneva on November 14.

This VNR contains

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– Press Conference and unveiling
– Interview with Fawaz Gruosi , Founder and Creative Designer of de Grisogono
– Interview with Francois Curiel, Chairman Christie’s Europe and Asia
– B-roll of Hong Kong, Angola Lulo mine, New York cutting process, diamond necklace

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