Bern - June 29th 2017

Young athletes talk about their passion for sport and importance of being a role model.
Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier teamed up with young renowned athletes for a day that united passion for sports to gentlemanship in an event held in Bern, Switzerland.
British rower Morgan Hellen, Swiss snowboarder Pat Burgener, French Bike Polo champion Paul Vergnaud, Freestyle Football World Champion Gautier Fayolle and Sacha Prost, son of famous Formula One driver Alain Prost all shared their great passion they have towards their sports and the road that brought them to where they are now.
The days when sport simply meant, sweat and competition, are over. Nowadays, people love participating in sports just as much for its health benefits and social dimension as for the positive values.
Young athletes play sports to share efforts, work out strategies and set personal and collaborative goals. But perhaps even more importantly they play sports because it’s their true passion.

This VNR contains

– B-roll of Clifton Club launch
– Interview of Sacha Prost (Pilot & Entrepreneur)
– Interview of Morgan Hellen (British rower)
– Interview of Gauthier Fayolle (Freestyle football world champion)
– Interview of Paul Vergnaud (French Bike Polo champion)
– Interview of Pat Burgener (Swiss Snowboarder)
– Interview of Alexandre Peraldi (Design director)

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Sacha Prost Interview

Morgan Hellen Interview

Gauthier Fayolle Interview

Paul Vergnaud Interview

Pat Burgener Interview

Alexandre Peraldi Interview